NRI Corner

NRI Corner

If you’re an NRI, the following documents are needed on your end to make the land purchases:

  • Power of attorney in the name of a person residing in India who can carry out legal and financial proceedings on your behalf
  • Your PAN Card
  • A copy of your passport (in case your PAN card is unavailable)
  • An NRE or NRO account to carry out transactions with the builder

Act, relaxation of FDI rules and the Real Estate Regulatory Bill, NRIs are benefiting more and more with time in the domain of property purchase. The Reserve Bank of India grants permission to NRIs to purchase or sell land either through foreign exchange (for which any Indian bank can be used as a medium) or through NRE/FCNR accounts. A copy of it has to be submitted to the central office of The Reserve Bank of India within a period of 90 days post the purchase; though no official permission is required to make the purchase and hence the buyer has all the freedom here.

You’re eligible to make purchases if you’re an NRI residing outside at the moment, a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) who’s owned an Indian passport at any point, or someone whose father or grandfather was an Indian citizen according to the Constitution of India or the Citizenship Act, 1955.

Crystal Group as a Real Estate Company has built both residential and commercial properties keeping in mind all the technicalities and luxuries as per an NRI requirement. It has ensured to make your process of investment as convenient as possible, keeping in mind. So come, invest both your money and trust in us with complete safety.

To make the process of buying a property easier for our ever-growing NRI customer base, we have compiled a comprehensive set of facts, rules, and requirements in one place which makes investing in our properties hassle-free.

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  • Who is an NRI?   
    An NRI (Non Resident Indian) is an Indian citizen who works abroad or carrying vocation outside India for an uncertain duration is a non-resident.
  • Who is a PIO?   
    A person of Indian Origin or PIO is a person, who at any time held an Indian passport, or he or his parents/grandparents were Indian citizens as per the Constitution of India or Citizenship Act, 1955.
  • Can an NRI buy immovable property in India?   
    Yes, as per the general permission granted by RBI, an NRI can buy immovable property in India without any obstacles.
  • Can a PIO buy immovable property in India?   
    Yes, a PIO is eligible to buy property in India.
  • What are the taxes applicable for the income generated from the property?   
    Any income accumulated from the ownership of the property, either in the form of rent or annual value of the property, or the capital earned upon the sale of the property is taxable.
  • Can an NRI sell his property in India without the RBI’s permission?   
    No, NRIs cannot do so.
  • Can an NRI obtain or give off residential properties by means of a gift?   
    Yes, NRIs are allowed to obtain or give off properties by way of gifts to anyone who may be a citizen of India or a PIO.
  • Can an NRI get a loan for purchasing a property in India?   
    A certain institutions like LIC Housing Finance Ltd., HDFC, etc. have been granted general permission to provide housing loans to NRIs.
  • Can an NRI buy commercial property in India?   
    Yes, properties other than agricultural lands/ plantation property/ farmhouses can be bought by NRIs.

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